About Ken

After graduating from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Ken joined the Franklin Institute, a boutique training firm that would grow to become Franklin Covey, one of the largest Talent Development companies in the world.

After a decade with Franklin Covey, Ken began writing presentations and pitch meetings in the Financial Services Sector for companies such as Lehman Bros., Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, and Entertainment Companies such as Disney, MTV and Warner Bros., and speaking on a variety of business topics. His passion for “word-smithing” earned him the moniker, “The Communicator.”

He later authored Tapping Potential: Achieving what you want with the Abilities you Already Have; Front & Center: Presenting Ideas Clearly, Concisely and with Confidence; and The Bamboo Principle: The Roots Beneath Results—a book and training program that develop individual and collective talents, and enables people to make their greatest personal and professional contribution. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, refers to The Bamboo Principle as “an enlightening, inspiring book that details your path to achieve sustainable personal and professional growth.”

Ken has delivered over 3,000 career presentations in five countries, and is widely regarded as a content expert on the topics of Talent Development, Sales Training and Communication. He has spoken to scores of Fortune 100 companies, and has been featured on Fox and NBC news as a subject matter expert. He is in demand because be blends solid information in clever and memorable anecdotes that inspire listeners.

Organizations invite Ken to speak–and to deliver his training programs–to accomplish their Talent Development and Succession Planning initiatives, inspire audiences, and promote Social Responsibility projects. He works regularly as a behind-the-scenes coach to leaders in Business and Entertainment; he lives in Los Angeles.