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The Bamboo Principle

The mission of The Bamboo Principle is simple and significant:  change the way you perceive your roles at work, adapt your strengths to changing circumstances to ensure versatility, and achieve in the broader context of responsible achievement and contribution.

Learn how to establish your root system, and create a solid foundation on which you can expect lasting success.  This isn’t about adopting a single skill, it’s about following a process that yields the results you want faster.  Follow the paths cleared by great companies and high achievers and take your performance to the next level.

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The Bamboo Principle CD

This CD serves as both a refresher of the book and the workshop. It details the spirit of the Bamboo Methodology, and includes the key points and anecdotes that debunk myths about success. It is an excellent training piece for those who use commute time as classroom time, and keeps the new perspective and activities top of mind as you continue along your Talent Path. (Approx. 45 minutes).

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Tapping Potential

Tapping Potential is the culmination of Ken’s work with organizations and individuals around the country. It answers the perpetual question, “What is it that distinguishes winners from those who could be winners?” After working with the finest people and organizations, he identified the common threads and habits that enabled people to progressively and consistently tap their potential. From entertainment studio heads in Hollywood, to Olympic athletes, Ken has worked alongside some of the best in sports, business and the arts and shares the habits and practices that are common to those at the top of their game.

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Front and Center

Good communication skills are a fundamental part of personal achievement. We are judged not by what we say, but by how we say it. How many times has your diamond-of-an-idea been presented as a piece of coal? Your thoughts were disorganized, your words were scrambled, your tongue was tied—and you forgot or bungled your most important point. This can happen and it is preventable. Your ideas are valuable only if they are understood and presented clearly, concisely and with confidence. Front & Center guides you through an easy to understand process of structure and industry secrets that improve your message and create circumstances that lend themselves to better communication. Learn and use the 3D™ process of communication to better position your ideas, your pitch and your brand!

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Front & Center on CD

Although good preparation and practice are the keys to strong delivery, there is a reality called procrastination. This is a great audio coach to listen to during the days prior to your next delivery. This CD highlights they key points of good preparation and delivery, and includes practical and memorable anecdotes that will help you move the needle from good to great.  (Approx. 50 minutes).

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Check Your Zipper

Many people have enough experience to do a good job in front of any number of listeners.  They have good content and delivery, yet their efforts are diminish their distractions only listeners can see and hear. It could be the PowerPoint projected across their shirt, the window washer scaling outside the window, or perhaps it is the catch phrase, “does that make sense” at the end of every paragraph. They don’t teach you these realities in speech and debate class, though they are essential to good delivery.

Gain insights to the flagrant and subtle details that can make or break your performance in this concise and clever book.

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