Performance Coaching & Mentoring

How to motivate, engage and empower your greatest resource: Talent!

Organizations have evolved! They are beginning to pivot from old beliefs about coaching, to a new understanding about its enormous potential, and how it is markedly different than performance reviews and feedback. This workshop debunks many of the myths and misconceptions about Coaching, and replaces them with realities around individual and team development.

Attend this workshop and make the productive shift by recognizing:

Coaching is not feedback:

People don’t want to know where they stand, they want to know where they are going. People are seldom put on a sustainable path by receiving tips and pointers. What they need is a Development Plan assembled through dialogue and collaborative conversations.

Coaching is not a Performance Review:

These conversations about the past aren’t much fun. Research shows that both the manager and the team member dread the uncomfortable conversations couched in euphemisms. Both parties would benefit from an exciting, flexible plan about moving forward that leads to growth and promotion.

Coaching is not remedial:

Even employees who feel they need Coaching rarely speak up for fear that it is incriminating and an admission that they occupy a position in spite of their weaknesses–but top performers always have a Coach close by. Why rely on your own experience base when you have access to input from someone who can help you brainstorm the resources and activities that can catapult you to the next level?

These are just a few of the myths debunked in this 4-hour workshop that provides a Coaching Conversation Model and Personal Development Plan for both parties: The Coach, and the Coachee.

  • Practice and receive feedback around having Coaching Conversations
  • Improve the performance, engagement, and capabilities of others
  • Accelerate business outcomes
  • Assemble a Coaching Development Plan
  • Review and Practice

We look forward to your team(s) participating in a game-changing approach to productivity and career development!

Ken Lodi is a business coach, author and professional speaker. 
He has delivered over 3,000 presentations in 5 countries, and worked as a behind the scenes coach to people in sports and entertainment. He has been featured as a subject matter expert on NBC News and FOX.