Check Your Zipper

Priceless Advice for What to do When You are the Center of Attention

After twenty years of writing, delivering and coaching presentations, Ken has arrived at one conclusion: There is a wealth of expertise in business that is eclipsed by poorly planned or misguided presentations. All the best intentions fail unless there is a storyline, a specific objective and limited audiovisual.

Ken’s words of wisdom include:

  • You are the message, not the visuals
  • Beware of The Law of Diminishing Interests
  • Never “practice” in front of a client
  • Presenting is like karaoke, although you enjoy it, that doesn’t make you good
  • Demonstrate passion for your message, or else distribute neck pillows and blindfolds

Ken has written and coached scores of “finals presentations” for the Financial Sector such as Fidelity Investments and GE Capital; pitch meetings for start-ups to raise venture capital, and “upfront” presentations for Entertainment companies such as ABC Television, Disney, and all of the MTV Networks. He is requested to help crystallize messaging and eliminate unnecessary content; he coaches the delivery skills that enable you to use your same charming “dinner party” personality when you are in front of an audience to win business.

  • There is a better way to demonstrate your expertise
  • Eliminate past efforts you made out of habit, not necessity
  • You do not need to carry a laser projector with you to share information
  • You do not need to stand “stage left” and talk to a projection screen
  • Learn how proper preparation eliminates nervousness

If you choose to communicate like the rest, this presentation may not be for you. If you want to “wow” your listeners by working on the right presentation components, then grab a chair and be prepared for some fun and effective insights from Ken.