Front & Center

People who are effective communicators in small meetings find themselves challenged when standing before larger groups.

These communication challenges surface because standing Front & Center in a more structured environment requires speakers to perform differently. Engaging an audience is different than engaging an individual. Delivering a presentation involves different dynamics, interaction, and even a variety of media.

Regardless of your position in an organization, the ability to communicate your ideas effectively is critical to your success. Lack of organization, poor idea development, or ineffective delivery styles can make great ideas fall flat. We believe a great idea, poorly presented, is perceived as a bad idea. Your credibility, effectiveness and revenues are always at stake! This workshop helps you present your great ideas clearly, persuasively and memorably with our 3D approach:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery

Our Front & Center workshop has helped specific work teams, sales professionals and individuals improve their communication skills through a balance of facilitated discussions and situational exercises; participants learn how to prepare, focus their ideas, and ultimately communicate in a manner that is clear, articulate and targeted to the audience.

Action Learning

We like class time to be on-the-job time. For this reason, we have participants work on specific projects or issues surrounding their communication challenges and actual presentation opportunities. Whether we are working with a cross-functional group, or providing coaching, participants walk away with skills and action items they can immediately put to use.

Topics addressed:

  • Identifying presentation purpose
  • Connecting with Neuroscience
  • The 3 D’s: Design, Develop, and Deliver your message
  • Building effective introductions and conclusions
  • Using the tools of the trade: flipcharts and handouts
  • Effective use of media: Power Point / Video
  • Handling objections / Difficult situations
  • How to evaluate time v. topic
  • Managing adrenaline and nerves
  • Keys to discussion facilitation
  • How to arrange a room for maximum impact
  • Keys to rehearsal
  • Applying these skills at meetings, sales opportunities and larger venues

Each workshop is facilitated with exercises, group feedback, and activities built around each learning point. We provide materials/workbooks for each participant, and conduct a “pre-consult” call prior to each delivery to tailor material to participant expertise, tenure, and specific scenarios in their role.