Presentation Coaching

Along with keynote speeches, Ken Lodi is a sought after speechwriter and presentation coach.  We live a world where communication reigns as the primary driver in persuasion, sales and credibility. When great ideas are poorly presented, they are perceived as bad ideas. From Twitter to Webinars and PowerPoint, there is a premium placed not only on the quality of your ideas, but on the intelligence and clarity of message delivery. Opportunities are won and lost daily based on the caliber of your skills in front of listeners. How confident are you? Do you have a proven process for creating content and rehearsing, or do you randomly address each opportunity?

Simple Truths about Communication:

  • You are the message
  • Less is more
  • A process saves you time and effort
  • Practice shall set you free
  • You can wing-it or win it

What are your pet peeves when watching others present? Are you guilty of any missteps? What truly inspires you when you observe an effective presenter? Do you demonstrate these qualities?

During finals presentations, pitch meetings, and upfront season, business is awarded, and contracts are won, based on the balance of strong content and delivery skills. It is not what you say, it is what they see, that triggers the right emotions. When delivering team presentations, there is an even greater need to identify and practice roles and goals so there is no disconnect with transitions and leadership.

Most people use presentation tactics out of habit, not necessity. It is incredibly liberating to eliminate the mistakes repeated by others and demonstrated at the front of the room (while PowerPoint projects across their chest). If you are willing to rethink your approach, you will easily distinguish yourself from the competition.

Ken partners with individuals and companies to

  • Elicit their true presentation purpose and intention
  • Empathize with the audiences’ needs and expectations
  • Develop meaningful and appropriate content
  • Choreograph words with audiovisuals
  • Coach and rehearse delivery so presenters truly “own it”

Contact us to invite Ken to assess your pitch or presentation and consider opportunities to knock it out of the park.