RPM – Running Productive Meetings

What is one of the most expensive activities you do every day? Meet with your team members. And it doesn’t matter how you meet, whether in a conference room, via webinar, or a walk-by office drop-in, it’s the most common drain on a productive day—or could it become one of your best returns-on-investment? Unfortunately, people attend meetings, thank the meeting leader, exit the room and ask the nearest person one of the 5 Whys?

  • Why did we have that meeting?
  • Why was I asked to be in the meeting?
  • Why do our meetings need to run so long?
  • Why do we have so many meetings?
  • Why do we have that meeting every Tuesday?

Meetings were originally intended to be an efficient way to get things done. The reality is, a meeting is more like an axe: if used correctly, it’s a helpful tool; if not, then it’s more of a problem than a solution. Additionally, a productive meeting isn’t something we should hope for; a productive meeting is created long before the meeting begins, and leveraged after it ends. This program provides the methods and models for ensuring that each scheduled meeting is a smart decision, and will be facilitated most productively for the good of all those who attend.

RPM 4-hour workshop agenda:

  • Understand meeting realities
  • Identify and fix common meeting challenges
  • RPM Meeting Model: 4X4
  • RPM Preparation Plan
  • Assigning Roles, Methods and meeting Types
  • Opening a productive meeting
  • Facilitating a productive meeting
  • Exercises: Participants run meetings (3 scenarios)
  • RPM Meeting Planning Tool: Before, During, After
  • Closing a productive meeting
  • Leveraging action items and follow-through

The RPM workshop is run exactly according to the course outline, demonstrating punctuality, opening a meeting, managing expectations, guiding time and topic, facilitating discussions, etc. Participants will engage in the workshop as they would in a meeting, practice skills, and observe the skills application by the meeting leader.