Sales Communication and Performance

Change your approach, distinguish yourself from the competition

Selling is no longer about persuasion and marching toward the close; selling in today’s digital information age requires thorough preparation and comprehensive research to make your products and services relevant. Sales Force, Hoovers and LinkedIn offer access to critical information that enables effective positioning of product solutions to your audience—but only when it’s effectively communicated.

Effective communication remains an essential (and complex) skill set. Although sales professionals believe they are prepared and articulate, they frequently fail to set the stage for a productive sales discussion. Our process enables shared expectations, targeted questioning, and active listening skills in a collaborative dialogue that reveal insights into customer concerns and buying criteria.

In this one-day class, you will better understand:

  • The full breadth of preparation resources
  • The art of crafting a concise and relevant Value Proposition
  • How to “set the stage” with a clear agenda and feedback
  • How to transition through each selling stage with customer validation
  • Why asking the right questions elicits essential details that craft your recommendations
  • The mindset for addressing concerns that enables you to remain collaborative
  • The psychology of “give and take” in the selling process
  • How “selling to include” involves all stakeholders, and is more compelling
  • How to incorporate cross-selling techniques for greater leverage
  • Why closing is an incremental process, woven throughout the sales meeting

The Process

  • Crowd-source best preparation and questioning practices
  • Practice and receive feedback during different selling stages
  • Assemble flexible selling strategies for a variety of meetings
  • Balance time and topics with clear next steps
  • Receive In-the-moment facilitator and peer feedback

We look forward to working with your team(s) participating in a game-changing approach to increasing sales, win-rates, and improved client relationships.

Ken Lodi is a business coach, author and professional speaker. 
He has delivered over 3,000 presentations in 5 countries, and worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies improving communication and selling skills for individuals and teams. He has been featured as a subject matter expert on NBC News and FOX.