Tapping Potential

Achieving What You Want with the Abilities You Already Have

Tapping Potential is the culmination of Ken’s work with organizations and individuals around the country. It’s the answer to the perpetual question, “Am I living my potential, or sitting on a powder keg of untapped talents?” He has identified and shares the core behaviors that enable people to consistently tap their potential. He asks you to consider, “If this is true, then what will I do?” Brace yourself for immediate application steps you can use the following day.

During his presentation, you will understand why

  • The path of least resistance is a dead-end
  • It is a good idea to lose your ego
  • Attitude is necessary, but not sufficient
  • It is called a “comfort zone” for a reason
  • You should stop “addressing the ball”

You were born with reservoirs of untapped potential. Tapping Potential is designed to help you identify and release your potential that would otherwise lay dormant. What would happen if teams in your company were able to discover and deliver their true talents? Do you have regular coaching conversations about talent development? Push your sundial out of the shade, and start taking longer strides along your potential path.


  • You will understand the power of constructive beliefs that affect potential
  • You will have value-based questions to consider when seeking personal change
  • You will have a process for creating urgency for tasks that propel you along your path
  • You will have methods for identifying and implementing strategies
  • You will have a process for increasing productivity and achieving work-life balance