The 4 Aces of Communication

Keys to Winning Sales Presentations

Written for new and experienced sales professionals, this keynote introduces the new model for prospect and customer engagement. While most sales efforts are presentation-driven, and follow a “tell method,” The 4 ACES™ details a “dialogue method” that reveals buying motives and prospects’ needs first. While amateurs build complex PowerPoints delivered in the dark to unimpressed listeners, the real pro’s are assembling sales-dialogue questions, and targeted presentations that eliminate sweeping product generalities.

Like the adage, “You can tell someone is smart by the answers they give; you tell they are wise by the questions they ask,” the best sales people are those skilled at asking the right balance and breadth of questions. Learn to demonstrate credibility and an interest in the customer–they do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Learn how to

  • Position and “structure” sales opportunities
  • Create dialogues, not monologues
  • Be interested, not interesting

We have the “raw skills” we need to communicate, but most people use the skills out of sequence. The 4 ACES™ process sequences the communication path so we understand customer perspectives before we share our own, saving time, eliminating misunderstandings, and increasing our closing ratios.


  • You will have a language for piquing interest and sharing a relevant value proposition
  • You will have a structured template for preparing and managing sales opportunities
  • You will have communication tactics for deeper understanding and handling objections
  • You will learn how non-verbal cues provide gateways to better understanding
  • You will have a model for positioning your product to expressed buying motives