The Bamboo Principle: The Roots Beneath Results

Here’s How Companies Utilize The Bamboo Principle Workshop to Support Various Initiatives

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The Foundation First™ Approach to Sustainable Success

What distinguishes great companies and high achievers from those who merely possess talent? The Bamboo Principle answers this question with details of the “core behaviors” behind achievement, while debunking many myths surrounding success. Using bamboo as the metaphor for Strength, Versatility, and Contribution—The Bamboo Principle shares the “7 Roots” great companies and high achievers share. Are they overnight successes, or was it their “foundation first” philosophy that enabled sustainable success?

The Bamboo Principle details the process that topples misleading notions of quick hits and sudden success, and replaces them with a proven game plan that pays faster dividends.

In addition to the Bamboo Process, learn why

  • Talents are universal
  • Intention is not a strategy
  • Spontaneity has its time and place
  • There is power in panic
  • Cynicism is an asset

Additionally, Ken shares how and why the act of Contribution is a common theme with great organizations, and why Social Responsibility clears a path to greater employee productivity, engagement, and customer loyalty. It is productive to give back while moving forward.


  • You will change the way you perceive yourself and your talents
  • You will have a process for identifying, developing and delivering your talents
  • You will have a communication model for coaching conversations
  • You will have methods for sustaining the motivation that unlocks potential
  • You will have concurrent game plans that ensure you don’t get caught flatfooted during temporary “personal recessions”